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Welcome to the PCVS official website. Find time to visit us and interract with us online or at our offices. We are a leading Tech based firm in the region and are looking to expand beyond our regional borders. We are an affiliate of Softlink Kenya Tech LTD, a Company, duly incorporated in Nairobi Kenya.

We are the pioneers and leading privately owned specialists in the open source provision of info touching on the certification, verification and authentication of the genuineness of professional and academic documents, the status of foods, drinks, medication and general goods circulating in the East African region.



If a scanned certificate is not available on the PCVS platform, then it is likely that it is fake. We are the leading verification entity in the region.



The status and composition of Medical consumables can be verified through the PCVS platform. If missing after scanning, then it could be fake.

Food Stuff


Info on the status of food stuff, especially perishables, soft drinks and farm produce, available on the platform can be used to verify the suitability of the products for consumption.

Other Industries


We help the general public ascertain the originality and quality of several products in the market as will be determined by the producers and manufacturers.

Why Choose Us?

Info Security

PCVS ensures maximum security of its data

Info Accessibility

PCVS accessibility is gadget independent.

Info Verifiability

The Veracity of info on PCVS is verifiable.

Info Availability

All info on the platform is available 24/7.

Corporate Partners

We work with all corporate partners to avail authentic info on their products to their clients, thus enabling them easily determine the product status and differentiate between genuine & counterfeit products.

Duplicate Clients

For duplicate clients, we avail info using the "best-line-of-fit" approach. This ensures that we avoid duplicating info unnecessarily and that the consumers are able to access the relevant info in a single scan.

Individual Clients

We enable individual clients and small scale entities avail info on their products to their consumers, by colloborating with relevant entities in their sectors privately without burdening the clients.

Our Core Team

Dr. Ken Nyaundi

Managing Director

gEng. Bundi Kotonya


Debbie Bosibori

B.D.M Manager

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